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The Skateboard Bible: 2022 Big Update

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The Skateboard Bible is, as its name suggests, a book about skateboarding. You will therefore learn via this book how to skateboard from the basics: learning to roll and turn. Up to the most complex tricks (skateboard figure). The Skateboard Bible does not stop there, it also includes a glossary of all the technical terms and the "street" skateboard slang, allowing everyone to "speak" skate. QR codes allow you to flash each skateboard trick to see it on YouTube.

Since the publication of the Skateboarding Bible, there have been over 60 new pages.

When it was released, the book was already over 190 pages for the French version and 195 for the English / American version. In 4 years, many new things have been added, not to mention the rereading and replacement of old images.

The list of tricks has been completely reviewed and rearranged to make learning easier for beginners. Speaking of tricks, 12 have been added. Some old school tricks like no comply shove-it, disco flip and disco shove-it. But also the one foot manual and nose manual.

Another addition: the warm-up and stretching section has been more than fleshed out, allowing everyone to prepare for skating properly without getting hurt after five minutes. Talking about injuries, a dedicated chapter has been included in this update, reminding readers of common injuries and how to treat them quickly. Because yes, in skating, falls are frequent.

Another interesting new addition is improving your jump and tricks in skating. This section allows you to increase the height of your basic jump, thus improving your "pop" and all your tricks. With several exercises to do each week, everyone will be able to naturally improve their jumping height until they reach their natural limits, of course.

Should you buy The Skateboarding Bible?

When it was first published in 2018, the book provided excellent basics and was among the best available to learn skateboarding. With different new tricks and additions added over the years, the Skateboard Bible is now a "must have" book for skaters, beginners, and even advanced. The Skateboard Bible

The Skateboarding Bible is now available in Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon. Direct link (affiliated): :

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