How to do the backside 180 and fs 180 on a skateboard

How to do the backside 180 and fs 180 on a skateboard

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Prerequisites: Ollie

Just like the shove-it, the 180° will open many doors for you. And so, it's quite important to learn it, moreover it's the first trick with a physical rotation.

How to do a Fs/Bs 180° step by step :

1 - You're on your board at a moderate pace, nor too fast nor too slow.

2 - Your feet will be in a parallel position on the board, just like a simple Ollie, the below photo shows the correct way to position your feet.

3 - slightly turn your pelvis and shoulders towards your back, very slightly (important for the rest).

4 - When you're ready bend your legs and slam your ollie while continuing the rotation with your pelvis.

5 - Once in the air do a rotation towards the back using your pelvis, shoulders and legs.

6 - Push the board back down slowly.

If you have correctly done the 180° you should continue in a Fakie and the trick is a success.

In the opposite case your board just stopped and you can't move forward, it's a miss because there isn't enough rotation.

Really think about doing the complete rotation using your body, because it's the rotation that makes the trick a success.

This trick tip is valid for the frontside version as well as the backside version, it's all in the hips and shoulders. For the backside, you've guessed it, you just need to turn your hips and shoulders in the opposite direction.

NB: You can give inertia using your arms when starting the trick.

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