Learn Kickflip on Skateboard

Learn Kickflip on Skateboard

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Prerequisites: Ollie It's possible to learn the Heelflip first and then the Kickflip, the order has no importance. The kickflip is part of the legendary tricks invented by the skater Rodney Mullen. It's one of the most aesthetic and appreciated tricks.

How to do a Kickflip step by step :

1-You're moving at a normal pace, not too slow nor too fast

2-Your back foot is placed the same as for the ollie

3-The front foot placed diagonally between the top two screws

4-Crouch down to prepare for the pop

5-Now everything is like an ollie, the difference being that your front foot will scrape diagonally and not forward

6-Your board will rotate on itself below your legs

7-Once the rotation is done slam down

Really thinking about the ollie will help you because you must be above the board during the entire time. For those who already know the heelflip you'll be a lot less scared of slamming down and so you'll learn it a lot faster. Some skaters find that the heelflip is easier to learn than the kickflip, it's for you to judge and have your own opinion about it. Don't hesitate to slam down half way through the movement to learn the trick, meaning the side where the drawing is.

NB: You'll most likely do a few slicings while you learn the kickflip. This means you'll be landing with both feet on the side of the board (which is barely over 1 cm). This hurts but you get used to it with time, it's the risk that comes with skateboarding.

Don't forget that falling makes it easier to get back up !

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