How to turn on a Skateboard

How to turn on a Skateboard

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To turn, you need to go at a certain pace otherwise it's not very useful.

There are two ways you can turn, for the first way you need to have the trucks a little loose and for the second way there are no prerequisites.

How to turn on a skateboard step by step :

To start with the first way, which is easier, you'll move at a moderate pace, maybe even quickly.

To turn to the left, slightly lean forward to put more weight on your toes which will deflect the board slowly towards the left.

You'll turn more or less quickly but that depends on a few things: the tightness of the kingpin on the trucks, the weight that you put onto the front or back of the board and lastly the speed.

The more your trucks are loose the quicker you can turn and the easier it will be. But it's a choice, each skater has his preferences which has its advantages and disadvantages it's for you to choose depending on your preferences. The best is to try both!

The second way to turn can be done on the ground as well as on a ramp and at any speed.

Which consists of pushing on the tail, meaning the curved part of the back of the board and swaying your shoulders to the left or to the right.

You will (slightly) turn your hips and shoulders towards the way that you want to turn, without forgetting to gently push on the tail.

Be careful in managing your strength while you push down on the tail, you need to learn the in-between: neither too strong nor too weak. If you push too hard the tail will rub against the ground and it will be difficult to turn. On the other hand, too weak and the wheels will rub against the ground, it will also be just as hard to turn. To succeed you need to find the right balance!

Don't forget that perseverance always pays! No discipline can be learned with the snap of a finger.

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