How to ride a Skateboard

How to ride a Skateboard

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The very basic. In the beginning you'll need time to adapt to riding the skateboard and it's normal, it's like your first time on a bike:
But why?

Simply because you're not used to balancing yourself that way. People that do gymnastics, ice skating or even surfing will have better basics and less difficulty than someone who doesn't do any of those sports.

For an easy start you'll have to determine your stance, as you may have seen on the previous page. And so, you're either a goofy or a regular.

Get on the board and respect your stance.

How to ride a skateboard step by step :

If you're a goofy → right foot on the top of the board, below the two higher screws.

If you're a regular → left foot on the top of the board, below the two higher screws.

Now put some weight onto that foot and get onto the board. You can now put your other foot on the bottom of the board. There you are, half of the work is done!

To ride, your feet must be in a parallel position in order to better maintain your balance.

To finish up you just need to push down on the ground with your back foot. The push should be light at the start, just enough to move forward while keeping your balance. After the push don't forget to put your feet back in a parallel position to keep your balance.

As you will move forward through your skateboarding experience you will learn to push harder with your legs which will take you further at full speed.

You now know how to ride, make the most of it and do a few descents in order to get used to handling your balance and the speed.

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