How to do the Bs and Fs revert in skateboarding

How to do the Bs and Fs revert in skateboarding

Durée de lecture : 3 min

Prerequisites: None, apart from feeling at ease on the board on flat.

The revert is important to learn. Probably not as essential as the ollie, but nonetheless important to own as it opens many doors.

How to do a Bs/Fs Revert step by step :

1 - Move at a fast pace

2 - Your feet positioned as followed:
a/front > on the 4 top screws slightly in a diagonal position outwards
b/back > on the tail, the tip of the toe towards the top

3 - First of all, you're going to turn your shoulders inwards (backside) which will make your hips and then legs follow. Push down on these in order to make the wheels slip on the ground until you do a complete 180° turn.

4 - To do that your legs need to do the scissors: the back leg has to push towards the back and the front one towards the front. 5 - If all is ok, you should be on your way in switch.

Don't hesitate to spread your legs, the front foot has to really be far apart, it shouldn't however touch the nose. Really think about putting a lot of force into your legs to do the scissors effect.

The +: Once acquired you'll be able to learn it in frontside, and in 360° but for this one you'll need a much smoother surface. It's also possible to do it on a wet ground, try your luck.

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