How to remove your skateboard grip

How to remove your skateboard grip

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Prerequisites: A new grip, a hair dryer, a cutter (optional) and acetone.

The grip of the skateboard is very important since it allows you to maintain your shoes on the skateboard when you roll, you turn and especially when you perform tricks and you land them. Having an effective grip in good condition is therefore very important. In a skate shop, a grip costs between 5 and 20 € so why not change it if the board doesn't break? It actually doesn't hurt. The grip holds on the skateboard thanks to a very powerful glue, and for those who know the weak point of the glue it is ???? The heat ! And yes Jamie! Hence the usefulness of the hair dryer.

How to remove a griptape step by step :

1 - Turn on the hair dryer and heat the nose or the tail, not both at the same time. The goal is to heat the grip to make it easier to take off.

2 - Start to take off from the ends, if it doesn't come it's not hot enough yet. Otherwise, pull as much grip as possible. Continue to heat the lower parts to peel off.

3 - The cutter will be used to cut pieces of grip, but if you manage to peel everything off like a simple sticker, it will be useless for the moment.

4 - Once the grip is completely removed, go outside or in a ventilated place and apply the acetone that you will rub on the board (not where there is the graph eh) using a cloth or a cloth used for example. The acetone is simply used to remove the residues of the glue allowing then to stick a new brand new grip.

5 - Your grip is now removed and your board is like new, well there are a few fractures but hey, not enough to break three pieces of dough, right?

6 - Now go to the installation of the new grip (click here) .

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