How to do powerslide on a skateboard

How to do powerslide on a skateboard

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Prerequisites: The Bs or Fs Revert are very important but not essential either.

Always so fun to do, the Powerslide gives a superb feeling of sliding comparable to that of a Boardslide. The only problem with this trick is that you need a very smooth floor, like a varnished wooden floor for example. However, it is possible to do the trick on wet ground for example, or on smooth concrete. That's why you shouldn't worry if you see your friends wetting the ground with a 5l container in the summer when it's 38°c.

The Powerslide is a very cool trick, and the word is weak I think. One of the many tricks that make you breathe the freedom that skateboarding offers. So what are you waiting for to learn it?

How to do a Powerslide step by step:

1 - Ride pretty fast.

2 - The feet are positioned as for the Revert, i.e. foot rear on the tail and the front foot shortly before the nose.

3 - Start the trick by opening your frontside shoulders to force the pelvis and legs to follow.

4 - Put some power in your legs so that the wheels slide on the ground and make about 90° of rotation.

5 - Lean back slightly to force the wheels to slide more on the ground.

6 - Return to the initial position by doing a Revert in the opposite direction, or start again in switch.

NB: It is also possible to do it in 360°, it is enough to put even more force in the pelvis.

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