How to Nosegrind on a Skateboard

How to Nosegrind on a Skateboard

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Prerequisites: 50-50 grind, the 5-0 is optional but can help to understand the balance in grind, that's why it's interesting to know it before trying to conquer the Nosegrind. You'll also need the nose manual to master the balance on both front wheels.

The nosegrind, along with the crook, is one of the more frequent tricks that you'll find in skateboarding videos. Once you've acquired the 50-50 and the 5-0, the nosegrind will be a lot more accessible. What you'll also find is a good grind sensation. The nosegrind can reach a pretty neat aesthetic level, if on top you add a flip trick either at the start or the end, maybe even both.

The most common ones would be the nosegrind flip or even the nosegrind nollie fs 180° out.

How to do a Nosegrind step by step :

The placement of the feet is still the same as for the previous grinds, EXCEPT that the front foot will gain a few centimetres towards the nose. This will ease the landing on the nose.

1-Ride quite quickly towards the curb

2-Slam the ollie and align yourself parallel to the curb by putting more weight onto the nose

3-Land softly on the curb with only the front truck

4-Slightly flex your legs in the direction of the grind

5-Maintain the balance by using your arms, the same as for the nose manual.

6-Maintain the balance until the end and exit with a little nollie flip (only joking, but why not!). A little push on the nose towards the front will do the job in order to exit without getting the back truck stuck on the curb.

The tip: Same as for learning the 50-50, before getting started I would advise that you learn a little thing that will really help you and open many doors for you.

Isn't that nice?

You'll learn to launch the nose manual after an ollie. To do so your feet are placed in the same position as for an ollie and the rest is done the same way. However, your front foot will scrape further down without coming back towards the middle of the board. The back foot follows the same scenario to finish your road near the 4 screws on the tail.

If you follow this to the letter, you'll easily land in nose manual and then it's up to you to manage your balance. Once you've acquired it, it will really help you for the nosegrind and of course, the nose manual on higher spots.

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