How to Do the Nollie on a Skateboard

How to Do the Nollie on a Skateboard

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Prerequisites: the ollie in order to know the movement.

The nollie is simply the opposite of the ollie. You push down with your front and back foot, the back one will scrape the board to send it towards the stars.

How to do a Nollie step by step :

1- Move forward at a moderate pace, nor too slow nor too fast.

2- Place your feet in a parallel position: the front foot on the nose and the other in the middle.

3- crouch down, like doing a classic ollie, in order to reduce the impact on your legs after.

4- Push down on the nose using all your strength, your back foot will scrape the grip towards the tail.

To improve the trick: really think about bending your legs to the maximum and pop the nose with all your strength. The procedure is the same as with the Ollie!

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