How to do a manual on a skateboard

How to do a manual on a skateboard

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Prerequisites : know how to ride and turn

A trick that is loved by a lot of skaters. To make it simple, it's the equivalent to a wheeling. Multiple types of manual exist: two wheels in front, two wheels behind, with the front foot on the nose or even on the tail. It's also possible to add a trick before falling into manual or before doing it. The possibilities are vast, you are free to do what you wish. I'll teach you some more further along in this book.

For the placement of your feet in Manual, there is nothing more simple! Put your back foot on the tail and the front foot on the four screws at the top. Your feet will almost be parallel, I did say almost! The front will be very slightly diagonal, precisely by 17°! Nah just joking.

How to do a Manual step by step :

1 - Done with the messing around, to start off this trick you need speed so push on your foot as if you want to take over a train.

2 - Once you're at the speed of light, place your feet as indicated above or as shown in the photos below

3 - Don't joke around with that! Now all you need to do is push down slightly on the tail so that the nose lifts up but without the tail scraping the ground.

4 - Everything lies in the management of the balance between the two.

5 - Now that you're doing a nice little Manual, and that everyone is looking at you like a demigod you have to push back down, all you need to do is put weight onto the front of the board and you're done!

A little tip from the coach: straightening your arms out helps with your balance and speed.

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