How to make your own skateboard rail and curb wax

How to make your own skateboard rail and curb wax

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Foreword: Attention, the creation of wax is not without danger, for children/teenagers it is preferable to do it accompanied by an adult.

The wax is used to lubricate the support where the trucks/board will land for slider or grinder. It's essential for skateboarding and especially if you have curbs or slide bars that don't slip too much, especially on the streets for example.

Prerequisites: You will need a saucepan or frying pan, olive oil, candles or Babybel soap or wax. A mold that will be unusable afterwards: for example a can cut at the top (be careful afterwards very sharp) will do the trick.

How to make your wax step by step :

1 - Put some water in the pan/saucepan so that the can floats.

2 - Heat over moderate heat

3 - Once the water is hot and not checking by putting your finger in it, put the candles (without the aluminum!) or equivalent in the can.

4 - Take a utensil (cheap equivalent) to mix the candles which are starting to melt.

5 - Once melted, add a tablespoon of olive oil or butter.

6 - Mix. Turn off the heat/plate and let cool for a few minutes.

7 - Put the can with protective gloves in the freezer.

8 - Take out the bobbin after 30-40 minutes.

9 - Your wax is now ready! Cut the bobbin very carefully and take the wax out of the bobbin.

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