How to do a Nose Manual on a skateboard

How to do a Nose Manual on a skateboard

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Prerequisites: mastering the manual at first will be a good basis to learn the management of the balance in nose manual. This is not mandatory but will strongly help you to learn the nose manual which is more difficult to manage than the manual.

The positioning of the feet is always as usual, we let his small eyes admired the photos below depending on your stance. Nothing complicated to report since it is exactly the opposite of the manual: front foot on the nose, rear foot at the screws.

How to do a Nose Manual step by step :

1.Roll fast enough.

2.Position your feet as in the photo corresponding to your stance.

3.Press the nose lightly and add weight to the back foot.

4. Manage the balance between the two, the nose should not rub and the rear wheels should not touch the ground.

5. Once you are satisfied with your length, replicate and ride to new adventures.

N.B: As with the manual, stretching out your arms on the sides will help you manage the balance. I also specify (although I'm sure you can imagine), that it will be easier to learn on the ground, do not bother to start on a piece of pavement or other "manual pad".

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