How to clean and maintain your skateboard: bearings, grip, dirt...

How to clean and maintain your skateboard: bearings, grip, dirt...

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Prerequisites: a used toothbrush Or a small brush. WD40 or similar lubricant. The maintenance of the skateboard is sometimes necessary to ensure its efficiency: speed of bearings, good grip of the grip...

Clean your skateboard grip

To clean your grip it is very simple. Fill a glass with hot water and grab your brush or toothbrush depending on what you have on hand. Put the filaments of the brush in contact with water and rub the stains of the grip by putting the MINIMUM of water possible on the grip. Why ? Water is bad for the grip and reduces its effectiveness, so please put the vital minimum on the grip of the skate to preserve its durability. After cleaning the stains, do not hesitate to remove and dry as much water as possible using a hair dryer to accelerate evaporation. Finally, if your grip no longer sticks at all, don't hesitate to replace it, a grip will cost you from 5€ to 20€.

Lubricate your skateboard bearings

The bearings, like the grip, need maintenance to ensure their effectiveness. It could not be easier. In the workshop or in your DIY equipment you will certainly find WD40 (very famous lubricant, effective and inexpensive like another famous brand). If you don't have one, find an equivalent in a bike shop or even a special skate bearing lubricant for example (less durable). Once you have your lubricant, put in a very light dose so that there is the maximum which enters inside in order to lubricate the balls and eliminate potential dirt. Rotate the bearing between thumb and forefinger, and repeat the operation a second time for each bearing of the skateboard.

Clean your trucks, wheels, and skateboard graphics

Just like the grip, these parts remain fragile in water. Repeat the same operation using a brush and hot water, rubbing carefully and sucking up the excess water after cleaning using a cloth, for example.

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