How to install your skateboard grip

How to install your skateboard grip

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Prerequisites: A new grip, a cutter, a flat file.

Previously, we saw how to remove a used grip from your skateboard (click if you don't haven't done it yet). If your board is new you can go directly to the steps below.

Skateboard grip installation workflow:

1 - Peel off the sticker that protects the grip below it.

2 - Avoid putting your little fingers on the glue and place the grip by holding it straight on the nose and on the tail.

3 - Support with both hands in the center of the skate until reaching the nose and the tail with each hand. Why ? To avoid air bubbles of course! Good between us... it is pierced with a point like a compass for example. Everyone has the right to make mistakes ;)

4 - Once the grip is fully applied and without air bubbles, let's go to the cut. To do this, pass the file all around the skateboard, as if you were drawing its outlines because that is what it is in the end.

5 - Once the board is surrounded by the white mark, take the cutter and cut off the excess grip by going around the skate with the cutter. You can always remove the non-straight lines and the surplus afterwards in case of error, do not panic amigo.

6 - Here you have a brand new grip! Now show me your best Kickflip.

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