How to do Old-School Kickflip on a skateboard

How to do Old-School Kickflip on a skateboard

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The only prerequisites it has is the kickflip, but it isn't mandatory, as mentioned in the name it's old school and so that means that back in the day there were no kickflips!

Position your feet so that they make a right angle near the 4 screws on the tail. It's also possible to do this with both feet in a parallel position, it's up to you to choose which suits you best.

How to do a Old-School Kickflip step by step :

Now it's going to get simple. Your front foot will give a push outwards which will start the kickflip, so 99% of the weight will go onto this foot. The other foot will launch the gesture by helping to lift the board so that the front will launch the kickflip. All you have left to do is to jump to the right for goofys and to the left for regulars.

The difficulty of the trick is in the rotation of the board. The higher you jump by bending your legs, the more time your board will have to turn. So, you need to really learn to dose the launch of the trick with the front foot.

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