How to do No Comply 180°/Fs No Comply on a skateboard

How to do No Comply 180°/Fs No Comply on a skateboard

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Prerequisites: No trick is required to learn Fs No-Comply in skateboarding. However, it really is best if you know how to ride your skateboard.

Since you will be landing the trick in switch, it is not even imaginable to teach this trick to a person who does not know how to ride correctly.

The Fs No-Comply is part of the Old-School tricks, like the Boneless, the Fastplant, the Bertlemann Slide.... That's why it's really nice to have it in your list of tricks. This is one of the tricks that has a very nice effect online (line: series of tricks), like the 360° Flip. Moreover, it opens a lot of doors because it has a lot of variants.

How to do a Fs No Comply / No Comply 180° step by step :

1 - You ride at a moderate pace.

2 - Your back foot is placed as for the Ollie.

3 - The front is placed just above to the right of the top screws, before the nose. To make it short: at the top right of the skate, but not on the nose! Just before.

4 - As you can imagine since it's frontside, there will be movement of the shoulders and pelvis in complete synchronicity.

5 - Start to engage shoulders and pelvis in frontside then let your front foot slide off your skate.

6 - Which will force the back foot to snap the tail, and at the same time slightly lift the skate like an Ollie does.

7 - Continue the frontside movement with your shoulders and pelvis while carrying the skate with the back foot.

8 - Barely after completing 90° of rotation with your board, take your foot off the ground to complete the rotation in the air and then land with both feet on the board.

9 - Leave quietly.

At first glance it is a trick not really simple. A little trick to lighten your load is to do the entire movement without jumping after 90°. This will allow you to learn the rotation correctly at first with the back foot. As for the breakdown with the back foot, do not hesitate to put strength into it and to properly assemble the rotational movement of the body. The whole trick lies in these two factors.

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