How to do Disco Kickflip / Kickflip sex-change on a skateboard

How to do Disco Kickflip / Kickflip sex-change on a skateboard

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Prerequisites: The Kickflip, and the Body Varial (explained below). The Disco Flip is one of the original tricks that everyone loves to do. If you drop him in the middle of a Game of Skate, your opponents will understand absolutely nothing. The Disco Flip is actually a Kickflip, along with a Body Varial. For those who don't know what a Body Varial is, it's actually a 180° rotation of the body without the skate. That is to say that you are on the skate, you jump and turn 180°, to land in switch (or Fakie if you prefer). For the disco flip, you will perform a Frontside Body Varial, such as the Ollie 180° Front.

How to do a Disco Kickflip step by step :

1 - Ride at normal pace.

2 - The feet positioned like the Kickflip (photos below).

3 - Click and launch the Kickflip.

4 - Barely after launching the Kickflip you will have to perform a 180° rotation only with the body.

5 - For this, everything is played on your pelvis and your shoulders.

6 - Normally you land in switch, shortly after the skate has just finished flipping.

This trick is quite difficult to learn, it is especially the rotation that poses a problem. To do this, remember to jump high, and turn as fast as you can. The trick: Train yourself correctly to do Body Varial without flipping first.

Disco Kickflip:

Disco Heelflip :

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