How to do the Boardslide on a skateboard

How to do the Boardslide on a skateboard

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Prerequisites: the ollie, the fs 180° which can help you but is optional.

Type of spot: easier and more aesthetic on a rail

The boardslide is generally the first slide that you learn, because it's more accessible to all, the same goes for the 50-50 on the grinds.

Little reminder, still the same as for the 50-50, avoid the big spots to learn this trick. Find a small rail and not a guardrail. You'll probably find a small rail in your skatepark.

How to do a Boardslide step by step :

1-your feet are in the same position as for the ollie

2-Ride at a fast pace with your back against the bar

3-Slam the ollie and do a 90° rotation in frontside (yes 90, half of 180 good sir)

4-The centre of the board will now slide on the rail. Be careful not to lean too far forward or too far back. You need to lean very slightly backwards, not too much and not too little. It's up to you to find your own balance

5-Maintain the balance

6-Once you see the end, do a reverse rotation, meaning a backside 90°, to go back into the normal position

It's quite possible do go off in fs 90° to finish in switch.

NB: Preferably, do the trick on a low rail, and also for the exit to learn it correctly and lower the risk of early sterility! You can also learn it with a slower pace, but remember that you still need speed, just try to avoid being retired before your time! One thing that will really help you is to learn the trick when exiting the rail. This will help you learn it quicker, and once acquired you can start the slide earlier until you obtain the desired length.

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