How to Do an Ollie on a Skateboard

How to Do an Ollie on a Skateboard

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Prerequisites: know how to move forward and turn.

The first basic trick to learn is the ollie, which consist of putting pressure on the tail of your board and to scrape the grip with your front foot.
Imagine that it's just a jump on your board and nothing more, this will help you to be on your way. The pressure on the tail as well as the scraping of it just allows the board to stay under your feet.
Just tell yourself that the ollie is a jump.
The ollie is far from simple, it will take more than one try to learn the gesture of the trick without the jump alone.
Once you've acquired the move, you'll start to do tiny jumps of barely 10 cm, then you'll need to jump higher and bend your knees to the max.
That's why I have to remind you that it's just like a jump.
Crouch down, jump and bend your knees to the max.

How to do an Ollie step by step

1 - move forward at a moderate pace

2 – place your feet parallel, the back foot on the tail, and the front foot in the middle of the board just before the 4 screws at the top.

3 – crouch down whilst absorbing the shock of the jump: slam the tail down to the ground with your back foot.

4 – Now scrape the front of the board using the front foot whilst bending your legs to the max

5 – slam down to the ground whilst absorbing the shock with a slight bend of the knees.

A good Ollie: imagine a simple jump, and always pop the tail with force and bend your legs.

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