How to do 50-50 grind on a skateboard

How to do 50-50 grind on a skateboard

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Prerequisites: Ollie as well as being comfy on your board.

The 50-50 is the basic grind to learn in skateboarding, this was the first true grind ever created.

To start off I would recommend a curb that isn't too high and preferably waxed. That way it's ready to welcome your trucks.

However, I would strongly advise against the rails. It isn't adapted for grinds but more for slides. It's still entirely possible to do a grind on a rail but a lot more dangerous for a beginner.

How to do a 50-50 grind step by step :

1-Move at a fast pace towards a curb or rail

2-Your feet are in the same position as for an Ollie

3-Try to align yourself at best with the curb in order to avoid having to do it later on. Try to be almost parallel to the curb.

4-Slam the ollie, all whilst being in the air you're going to align your trucks in a parallel position with the curb in order to place them on it when you land. The grind begins!

5-Slightly flex your legs in order to align your centre of gravity in the middle of the board and gain balance.

6-Once you arrive at the end of the curb, slightly lift the back as if you were launching a manual.

7-Exit the curb, slam down and go off towards new adventures.

NB: The most difficult thing to learn is to really block your trucks properly on the curb. Of course you can practise when you're still in order to learn the movement quicker and then correctly block your trucks. That's what I would strongly advise you to do first, before learning to do the trick while riding.

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