How to do 5-0 gring on a skateboard

How to do 5-0 gring on a skateboard

Durée de lecture : 4 min

Prerequisites: The 50-50 grind is mandatory

A good balance in manual in flat can really help!

The step by step of the 5-0 is basically identical to that of the 50-50 Apart from the fact that only your back truck grinds on the curb and not your front one.

You can now understand why I would highly recommend having a good manual in flat to learn this trick. It's more than preferable.

How to do a 5-0 grind step by step :

1-Move at a fast enough pace towards the curb

2-Your feet are in the same position as for an Ollie

3-Slam the ollie and align yourself in a parallel position to the curb by putting more weight onto the tail.

4-If everything goes well you'll land in 5-0 thanks to the weight that you added towards the back.

5-Slightly flex your legs in the direction of the grind

6-Maintain the balance and get off once you've reached the end of the grind

The tip: Remember that everything is basically the same as for the 50-50, apart from the fact that you'll land on the back truck. Try to avoid scraping the tail too much on the curb, if the curb is waxed too much then you'll quickly do a faceplant.

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