How to do the Ollie 360° on a skateboard

How to do the Ollie 360° on a skateboard

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Prerequisites: The 180° backside if you want to do your 360° back and frontside if... you understand, don't you? As well as a good Quality Revert +++.

I allow myself to insist on the 180°, it is essential to the 360°, so don't go headlong into the 360°, you will thank me later. As its name suggests, the 360°, or Ollie 360°, whether backside or frontside, consists of doing a jump with a 360° rotation, including the skate, not just the body (it's a body varial 360 ° if not, try it's funny with a little revert).

The 360° takes some work to do it entirely in the air. This is why it is possible to fill the lack of rotation with a slight revert.

How to do a 360° Ollie step by step :

1 - Ride at a moderate pace, the feet as for the 180°, only the front foot more inward (by a few centimeters), for the back foot it will be more like a shove-it to allow better rotation.

2 - As for the 180°, lower slightly to facilitate the pop and train the movement with your shoulders and pelvis inward for a backside 360° and outward for a frontside 360°.

3 - Slam the tail of the skate, and scrape with the front foot while continuing the movement you started just before. Everything must be synchronized and the rotation movement must not stop.

4 - Once the 360° has been completed (or 270° or less), gently land while damping and fill with a slight revert if necessary.

5 - Now your head is spinning, well done. That's smart, huh?

N.B: the 360° is not easy, a good technique can be to practice doing it in fakie. That's what a lot of skaters do, for good reason. Feel free to learn it in fakie backside AND frontside to get really comfortable before you start doing it the normal way.

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