How to choose the right skateboard deck and parts

How to choose the right skateboard deck and parts

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The choice of parts is important so that the skate is adapted to your size and that it is ready for all your uses but also for your tastes.

Choose your skateboard deck:

Surely the most important step. There are several skate deck sizes from 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches and up. One inch is 2.54 cm, and yes my friend! The size you do will depend a lot on the size of your board, as the taller you are the longer and wider you will need. If you are a child / teenager, it is recommended to take skateboards between 7.5 and up to 8 inches MAXIMUM. Finally, for tall people/adults: I recommend minimum 8 inches which generally fits most of us. Take 8.125 for more comfort. Note that it is also recommended to have a wider skate for bowling. Finally, the taste of each will have an important role when choosing. A smaller board will be more responsive than a large one, physics my friend...

Choose your skateboard trucks:

What is very important to remember here is the width of the truck. Indeed, on the market there are several sizes of trucks which are of course adapted to the sizes of the boards. Logic. The wider your board, the wider the trucks need to be. Overall, if you skate with a board between 7.8 and 8.25, you will need to choose 8 inch trucks. Adapt your choice accordingly, and above all don't hesitate to ask the shop manager where you buy your equipment.

Finally, and this is according to your tastes, you will also have the choice for the height of your trucks: Trucks (Low/low): 46 - 49 mm Trucks (Mid/Middle): 50 - 53 mm Trucks (High): 53.5 - 58 mm

Choose your skateboard wheels:

When you buy your wheels there are two parameters to take into account: the diameter and the hardness. For hardness, it's simple. Each wheel pack is rated with a number X followed by A, eg 65A,100A etc. The higher this number, the harder your wheels will be. Conversely, they will be softer. For a street/flat practice we will favor hard wheels, for bowl we will favor soft.

Finally, for the diameter, it is of course according to your trucks only. 50 to 56mm is ideal for street/flat. 56 to 60mm to be reserved for bowling. Find out about the wheels and especially the quality of the urethane (material of the wheels) before buying to know their durability etc. A cheaper wheel will quite often be of lower quality.

Choose your skateboard bearings:

The bearings are classified in ABEC: 1, 3, 5, 7. Favor 5 and 7. These classifications are there to indicate the manufacturing precision of the balls. There are several safe bets such as Bones Reds bearings for example. The Old Boy, and Spitfire are also excellent and very well known.

Did you get all your gear? Now on to the assembly: How to assemble your skateboard piece by piece (beginner)

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