How to do the Boneless 360° on a skateboard

How to do the Boneless 360° on a skateboard

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Now that you get how it works, we'll get into the harder part, the 360°! Enough to make you dizzy in a few seconds! For the 360° version, everything is the same as for the 180° but only one thing changes : the way you do the rotation.

Prerequisites: the classic boneless and the 180°

How to do a Boneless 360° step by step :

1 - your feet are in the same position as for a boneless 180°

2 - Move at a moderate pace

3 - Take the board and catch the tail all whilst starting to turn your pelvis and shoulders, a little before catching the tail

4 - Now it's all in the shoulders, the pelvis and the thighs. To complete the 360° you need to “move” the movement forward with your thighs.

Meaning that your thighs and pelvis will always be ahead of the rotation compared to the rest of the body.

5 - If everything goes as planned, you'll land straight after having finished the last few degrees.

6 - Slam down softly and cushion the blow

NB: If you can't finish the rotation entirely then finish it with a revert!

Don't hesitate to do the boneless in your own way by mixing it up with loads of different tricks!

Now that you are capable of doing the 360°, you can, for example, do a Boneless Big spin, Boneless Flip 360° and many others. Let your imagination run wild!

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