How to do Bertlemann-slide 180° and 360° on a skateboard

How to do Bertlemann-slide 180° and 360° on a skateboard

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A unique and very old school trick!

The bertlemann slide is in fact a sort of power slide on the ramp, preferably a curb. Only this one is done with the hands.

How to do a Bertlemann-slide step by step

No need for details, all you need is to go towards a ramp with speed and place your hands on it, putting weight towards the feet and then push down on them. The feet will do the power slide thanks to the hands that will do the rotation.

It's possible to this in 180°, 360°, 540°, etc

NB: if your wheels don't slide, don't hesitate to use wax or even water if you like the thrill. But DON'T EVER say that it was you and be prepared to hear from your friends who use the ramps for BMX.

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