How to build your skateboard from A to Z for the first time

How to build your skateboard from A to Z for the first time

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Prerequisites: A skateboard in your size with a grip glued or not on it. A pack of 4 wheels, 8 bearings, 2 trucks (metal part that holds the wheels), a bag of screws, a skate tool OR a toolbox with allen keys.

First step: the grip.
If your grip is not placed on the skateboard, I invite you to go to our great article (click here), to follow the steps that will show you how to do it.

Second step: the wheels and bearings.
Unbox your wheel and bearing pack and insert two bearings per wheel. Don't get the wrong meaning, some bearings have a meaning to respect. We can spot them because the metal part is missing on one side and we can see a plastic pellet. This part is to be put inside and is used to collect dust. If you have spacers, do not hesitate to install them between each bearing inside the wheel, they allow to hold the bearings in place in the wheel and to tighten the wheels more. It's a bonus of course. Once the bearings are inserted correctly, you can push them to the end by inserting the wheel into a truck via the bearing to push it well to the end of the wheel. Repeat the operation on each side of the wheels. Your wheels are now ready!

Assembly of the skateboard

Third step: trucks and hardware.
Unpack the trucks and the hardware bag. Take the 8 screws and their small nuts. Place one of the trucks on the skateboard, graph side and non-grip side. The truck must be placed so that the kingpin (large screw surrounded by rubbers) is oriented towards the graph and not towards the outside of the skate. Once done, insert the screws one by one and tighten them using your skate tool or socket wrench and Allen key. Do not hesitate to tighten well.
Your truck is now fixed, repeat the operation for the other, respecting the senses.

Last step: adding the wheels and tightening the truck nuts.
All good things come to an end, remove the 4 nuts from the trucks using a pipe wrench, put the 4 wheels in place on the trucks. The wheels logo on the outside. Then put the 4 truck nuts back in place and serve correctly, checking that the wheels turn sufficiently (yes, you shouldn't overtighten either!).

Last Last step: skateboarding, yes anyway, that's what we're here for, aren't we?

This guide is of course to be read again in the desired direction if you wish to replace parts in the future. In general it's the board that breaks first, then the wheels that become too small because they are worn out with the powerslide and other revert. Trucks and bearings are generally very strong. Your trucks can get damaged faster if you grind on concrete curbs for example.

One last tip: how to replace your bearings?

Remove the nuts from the trucks, take out the wheel and put the end of the truck inside the wheel so that you can take out each bearing with a diagonal movement.

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