Determine your stance for skateboarding

Determine your stance for skateboarding

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Throughout your skating adventure you'll meet two types of skaters: - the goofy

- the regular

The stance is the position that the skater has on his board, as mentioned above there are only two. It's for you to know which one you'll be, no one will decide for you.

In short, you have two solutions to determine your stance:

1 – If you fall forward, which foot do you put down first?

2 – Get on the board without pushing forward, which foot did you put on first?

Left foot first → Regular

Right foot first → Goofy

As you can guess the regular skater has his left foot at the top of the board and his right foot at the bottom.

It's the opposite for the goofy, he has his right foot at the top of the board and his left at the bottom.

Once this step has been completed, we'll move on to the more serious stuff: riding!

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