Complete guide for beginners in skateboarding: tricks, equipment...

Complete guide for beginners in skateboarding: tricks, equipment...

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The adventure of skateboarding begins with the acquisition of a skateboard, for this I recommend this article (click here). Which will allow you to learn the technical characteristics to know before buying your equipment. If you have neither the desire nor the time to do it, you can possibly buy a complete skateboard in a skate-shop (better than in a supermarket). These will be chosen and mounted by connoisseurs so will be very good for beginners.

Know your stance, roll, turn and do your first Ollie:

Once your skateboard in hand, let's get down to business. Each element below will redirect you to the article allowing you to learn the thing in question. So don't hesitate to keep this page open:

1 - Know your stance (Goofy or Regular)

2 - Learn to ride your skateboard

3 - Learn To Turn On A Skateboard

4 - Achieve your first ollie

The first tricks: shove-it, 180, kickflip and heelflip

Now that you know how to roll, turn and do your first ollies while rolling, we will be able to learn our first tricks:

1 - Do a Pop Shove-it while skateboarding

2 - Backside 180° and frontside 180°

3 - How to do a kickflip

4 - How to do a heelflip

If you know how to do all the tricks mentioned above, you have acquired excellent bases. Don't hesitate to go to the reception to learn lots of new tricks!

Skate Tricks and The Skateboarding Bible

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